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Integrated Counselling 
Somatic Therapies

"Your body remembers when your mind can't"



 At Art of Healing, Shama believes in the importance of empowering her clients and she is committed to supporting you in achieving lasting, healthy results.


 Healing and transformation can only happen when we bring the mind, body and spirit together in therapy.


 Shama's approach in counselling is to create a safe, loving environment where you can feel understood, seen and heard. These are the keys for healing to happen.  . 


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Individual Sessions


In these sessions, Shama offers a unique fusion of cognitive and somatic therapy modalities to achieve notable and long-lasting results. 


On our "About Shama" page, you will find a list of different therapy modalities that she offers in her individual sessions.



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  Healing Packages

These packages are uniquely designed for those who seek instant change in their lives furthermore, prefer to focus and commit time for their healing.

Shama's healing packages are intensive programs that start with a nervous system assessment to create a unique road map specifically for your needs.



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