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Shama Zeynep 
Body Psychotherapist,RTC,SEP

In a world where emotional wellness is more crucial than ever, and where trauma and stress can manifest in countless ways finding the right therapist and the right therapeutic approach can be a daunting task. 

Meet Shama, a registered therapeutic counsellor, body psychotherapist, and somatic therapist with over 15 years of experience. Shama is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential by combining eastern and western therapeutic modalities as a complementary to each other.


Shama is a seasoned expert who embodies a holistic approach, weaving together the threads of body, mind and soul to facilitate profound and lasting transformation.  With a versatile therapeutic approach that draws upon a rich tapestry of modalities, with a rich background in body oriented therapies, somatic modalities and diverse range of clinical approaches her expertise offers a comprehensive and compassionate path to healing and growth.


In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short, true transformation requires a more nuanced and personalized approach.  Shama's holistic approach offers a profoundly personalized and compassionate path to healing and growth. With a deep understanding that every nervous system is unique , shama brings a wealth of expertise and training to craft bespoke sessions tailored to each clients distinct needs, ensuring a truly customized and effective journey towards wholeness and well being.  Shama masterfully crafts customized sessions that honour the distinct rhythm of each nervous system, setting her apart as a true innovator in her field.


Shama is passionate about creating a safe, loving environment where her clients feel seen, understood, heard and empowered to embark a journey of healing and self discovery that is truly transformative.

Trainings and Credentials

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training Canada

Bodynamic-Somatic Psychotherapy-Healing Developmental Disruptions

Bodynamic Developmental Psychology Practitioner Training ( 4th year) 

Somatic Practice Advanced Touch Skills 

Brain-spotting Module 1& Advance

Relational Trauma Therapy-Including and Awakening Hypo Response

Therapeutic Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Hypnotherapy Training

Diamond Breath Master Training

Sexual Awareness Counsellor Training 

Relationship Counsellor Training

Eft Emotional Freedom Techniques

Reichen Body Types / Character Structure Analysis

Meditative Therapies


CRT - Conscious relationship training ( ongoing)

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