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Nervous System Assessment


In a world that often seems to rush by without pause, finding a space where your well-being and mental health are the priority can feel like a sanctuary. This is what Shama offers—a welcoming haven where every individual is met with understanding, compassion, and expert knowledge. Shama's approach to therapy is not just about navigating challenges; it's about nurturing a profound connection with yourself, guided by someone who cares deeply about your journey to healing.

At the heart of Shama's practice is the belief that to truly support someone through their healing process, understanding their unique experiences and needs is essential. This is why every therapy session begins with a personalized nervous system assessment. This isn't just a preliminary step; it's the foundation upon which your entire healing process is built.
Shama understands that what we can achieve in life is greatly influenced by the capacity of our nervous system. Stress, trauma, and the burdens of daily life can weigh heavily on this delicate system, influencing how we interact with the world. Through a comprehensive assessment that includes evaluating your family system, trauma history, health issues, relationship history and issues, desired outcomes, and resources, Shama creates a customized roadmap for your well-being.

The pathway to healing should be one of discovery, not discomfort. Believing that therapy should never be painful, Shama selects from a blend of 15 different modalities to craft sessions tailored uniquely to your needs. This individualized approach allows for gentle navigation through the healing process, ensuring that the therapy provided is both profound and gentle.

Shama’s sessions are designed to address specific challenges and goals, combining expertise in nervous system regulation with a holistic understanding of individual experiences. This collaborative process is key, fostering an environment where you are not just a passive recipient of care but an active participant in your healing

For those seeking mental health support, the importance of finding a safe, trauma-informed space cannot be overstated. Shama’s warmth and knowledge create a therapeutic environment where you can feel secure and understood. Her compassion is not just a professional attribute—it is a genuine interest in knowing and understanding her clients on a deep level.

This safe space is where healing begins. It’s where you can openly share your story, knowing that you are met with empathy and a commitment to support you in discovering the strength and resilience within yourself. Shama’s practice is more than just therapy; it’s a partnership aimed at nurturing your emotional wellness and personal growth.


Shama believes that the essence of a truly individualized therapeutic experience lies in collaboration. Your insights, experiences, and aspirations are integral to shaping the therapy process. This approach ensures that each step taken is aligned with your personal healing path and goals.

Together, you and Shama will explore the avenues that best support your well-being, whether it’s through addressing past traumas, navigating current stressors, or building strategies for emotional regulation and resilience. The ultimate aim is not just to alleviate immediate concerns but to equip you with the understanding and tools needed for long-term emotional health and fulfillment.

If you are looking for support that is tailored to your individual needs, provided in a setting of warmth, understanding, and professionalism, then Shama invites you to begin this healing journey together. Whether you are navigating specific challenges or seeking to enhance your overall well-being, Shama's unique blend of empathy and expertise can guide you towards a brighter, more balanced future.

In this shared space of healing and growth, every obstacle becomes less daunting, and every step forward is celebrated. This is your invitation to step into a therapeutic experience defined by compassion, personalized care, and a committed partnership. Together with Shama, discover a path to healing that is as unique and profound as you are.

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