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Client Reviews

"Working with Shama has been transformational in my healing journey. I have worked with several modalities over the years and somatic therapy with Shama really helped me in more ways than I imagined. Shama holds a very safe, nurturing and caring environment which made the healing process much easier and enjoyable. As a therapist myself, I highly also recommend Shama to many of my clients...."

- Daniela Abedrabbo -

"I first met Shama roughly 8 years ago as of today (2024), and i truly consider crossing paths with her as one of the most important and pivotal events to take place in my healing journey and life in general. Having dealt with more than plenty of traumatic events throughout my infant and teenage years, i was thereafter constantly in search for solutions to mitigate a whole spectrum of emotional, physical and physiological symptoms that my disregulated nervous system presented as coping mechanisms. Each of my own attempts to address and mitigate ‘feeling off and not myself, nor present’ only resulted in temporary and fleeting success.


Upon my first meeting with Shama, without even sharing any of my past experiences with her, she was astutely aware and highly attuned to what was needed for my nervous system to begin healing and support me in my journey to nervous system regulation. Shama has always provided an incredibly safe, encouraging and supportive environment for me to explore and throughout the years, positively challenged me to grow as an individual throughout our sessions. We have implemented a whole range of mediums over the course of our sessions throughout the years such as Breathwork, Meditations, somatic/body-centered therapy as well as brainspotting to address and give light to the trauma inevitably stored in the body whilst carefully guiding and encouraging growth within myself. With Shama’s incredibly diverse wealth of knowledge, training and experience, there is no other individual that i would trust to help support me and help navigate the healing journey with, and for that, i will always be forever grateful. I sincerely recommend Shama without any hesitation!...."

- J.J-

"My patient relationship with Shama is one of the most rewarding I've ever built. She has always been able to see what I need, and the trust we've built up has let us access and work on things I was never getting at with strictly talk therapy. Her wide skillset and intuition makes her a truly competent healer, and I'd recommend her to anyone....”

- Luca -

"Shama showed me an unconditional support with her endless energy. I thank her for providing me with a clear vision of where i am going, defining what i want and where i want to be....”

- Zelis Sarlak -

"Wow! Simply wow! Those breath sessions with Shama are so powerful. And quite a useful tool for the actor that I am. Such a delight to experience this journey with wonderful and loving Shama....”

- Lyne Barnabe -

"Shama`s breath therapy was in incredible experience where I was able to connect with parts of myself I was not aware of. It has allowed me to brake many barriers and I now feel much less inhibited....”

- Gabriel Patrich -

"Shama is an inspiring presence: Energetic and compassionate in equal measure. Working with her has accelerated my inner work by leaps and bounds....”

-  J Michael Schmichae -

"Each session with Shama made me feel better and gave me something constructive to focus on in between. I still have a long way to go but by helping me to understand my behaviour and giving me the answers and guidance that I needed, I know how to help myself now. I would highly recommend her work to all....”

-  Sayeste B -

"Shama's Breathwork is powerful and she takes such care with her charge and is an extremely talented and intuitive breath work shaman! Very transformative....”

- Toren Rouch -

"I have taken a breathing group session with Shama. I had an amazing experience doing this work. We were pair with the same person and it made a big difference. I felt safe, I was able to be myself, I felt totally comfortable and supported by Shama and also with my breathing partner. Thank you Shama for holding the space for us because this is where miracles happen....”

- Nicole P. Vancouver -

"My experience with the breathwork therapy was transformative. The space was beautifully held which made it possible to explore new territory and express freely and creatively. I felt supported and confident with the process. It was invigorating purifying and then relaxing. I look forward to doing more of this work with you. I am deeply grateful for this experience. Love Kiki....”

- Kiki Connelly -

"It is quite difficult to share through words the experience I lived, felt and breathed in with Shama. I just can say that I could not imagine that therapies could be so helpful to connect back with myself and feel serene and deeply happy.
Shama guided me into my soul and gave me the tools through my own breath to get louder, stronger and bolder. Thank you can only be humble words face to my gratitude....”

- Love Gizem P -

"I had a chance to experience a breath session with Shama. I started with a suspicion whether it will do anything at all. I am usually pretty skeptical. However I ended up feeling full with peace and gentle love at the end. My mind was so clear that I suddenly received an answer to a question I have been asking for the last 10 years about self-worth. It was such a release that I started crying of joy right there. It was a marvelous, extraordinary re-connection with my true self. Thanks Shama for this great experience!....”

- Isil Isil -

"I went to Shama for support in freeing up emotional blockages. With her intuitive guidance, experience and support, I always felt safe to really explore my body through breath work on a very deep level. Her energy and utmost care helped me to go to places I would never have been able to on my own. Partnering with a friend as a part of this work has also been beneficial. Not only have my friend and I grown closer but I have gained tremendous compassion and love for this journey of self-realization into authenticity. I feel much more in my body, present and in touch with emotions that my body was telling me. For all those looking to build a better relationship with their true selves working with Shama is more than a gracious gift you can give yourself, it is a necessity ....”

- Nicole Tingley -

"Shama’s Breathing for Partners helped us to become more close, to communicate better without words, to trust each other more, to be more attuned to each other, to recognize what is appropriate in the moment. We learned to facilitate a unique and very intimate experience for our partner. Also it increased our abilities to receive as well as to give. Shama brought her own attunement, her expertise and her continuous guidance to each session....”

- Art M & Jean B -

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