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Somatic Psychotherapy


In the intricate tapestry of human experience, emotional and mental wellness forms the very fabric of our being. Recognizing the profound challenges that individuals face in their quest for emotional balance, Shama offers a beacon of hope through the art and science of somatic psychotherapy. This unique therapeutic approach promises a holistic path to healing that nurtures both the mind and the body, offering profound insights into the interconnectedness of our emotional and physical selves.

The Essence of Somatic Therapy
At the heart of somatic psychotherapy lies a deep respect for the powerful ways in which our bodies hold and express emotions. Often, the physical manifestations of our feelings—be it tension, discomfort, or other subtle cues—remain unnoticed, yet they hold the key to unlocking deep-seated emotional experiences. Shama's expertise in somatic therapy provides a compassionate and skilled guide to exploring these bodily signals, uncovering the narrative they weave about our past and present emotional states.

A Revolutionary Approach to Healing

Shama's therapeutic methods transcend traditional psychotherapy by integrating the groundbreaking Bodynamic – Somatic Psychology and Analysis System. This innovative approach marries cutting-edge research in developmental psychology, neurobiology, and cognitive psychotherapy, emphasizing the critical role of quality contact and healthy relational dynamics in healing. Through this lens, Shama assists clients in navigating their emotional landscapes, offering tools and practices to engage directly with the nervous system, aiding in the release of entrenched patterns and facilitating transformative change.


Unraveling the Seven Developmental Stages

The Bodynamic System reveals the complexity of childhood development, mapping out seven critical stages defined by distinct emotional themes and developmental milestones. Each stage shapes the individual's response to stress and trauma, weaving a unique pattern of defenses observable in both the body and personality. Understanding these patterns provides invaluable insights into how early life experiences influence adult relationships and behaviors.

Shama's expert application of the Bodynamic System sheds light on how these defenses, while initially survival strategies, can over time, limit personal growth and relational connection. Acknowledging the creativity and necessity of these defenses allows for a compassionate approach to personal transformation, recognizing the individual's strengths and potential for change.

Addressing Core Issues with Compassion and Precision

Shama provides a supportive environment where clients are encouraged to use their bodies as vessels for healing, forging new pathways to resilience and emotional equilibrium. By emphasizing presence and mindfulness, she aids clients in becoming fully attuned to themselves, fostering a sense of safety and trust that facilitates deep healing. Shama offers healing support for individuals grappling with various challenges, including:

  • Attachment and relationship issues

  • Developmental trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Energy management issues

  • Performance anxiety

  • Relational trauma


Embark on Your Journey to Healing

If you're seeking support for mental health and are intrigued by a customized, individual approach that harnesses the power of somatic psychotherapy, Shama invites you to discover a new horizon of emotional wellness. Her dedication to providing a nurturing, empathetic, and professional atmosphere offers a secure foundation for exploration, growth, and transformation.

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