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Somatic Experiencing


At the heart of healing and growth lies a profound, often unexplored connection between the mind and body. Recognizing this deep interplay, Shama offers a compassionate, attuned, and knowledgeable approach to wellness and mental health support through the powerful modality of Somatic Experiencing (SE). This unique form of alternative therapy, developed by Peter Levine, PhD, underscores the significance of moving beyond traditional therapy paradigms, inviting you on a gentle yet transformative journey towards trauma resolution and holistic healing.

Unveiling The Essence of Somatic Experiencing®
Somatic Experiencing stands as a beacon of hope for those entangled in the grip of trauma and stress-related disorders. Its core principle revolves around the concept that trauma is intricately intertwined with the physical being, often leaving stress trapped within our bodies.
Shama leverages SE to guide you through a process of releasing this stress, facilitating a path towards a life where trauma no longer dictates your narrative.Unlike conventional methods that may inadvertently lead to reliving distress, Somatic Experiencing fosters an awareness of internal sensations. This approach nurtures a new narrative where your body emerges as a dynamic ally in the healing process. It’s an invitation to those who’ve endured the aftermath of single incidents or bear the scars of prolonged adversities, striving for a reconciliation of body and mind towards complete recovery.

The Profound Impact of Trauma

Understanding trauma’s impact is pivotal in navigating the path to wellness. Trauma reshapes our self-perception and distorts our view of the world. It can manifest in myriad ways, from shock and denial to profound shifts in self-esteem, relational dynamics, and overall mental well-being. However, underlying every individual's experience with trauma is a remarkable power for resilience, growth, and transformation.Shama’s therapeutic foundation is built on this very belief—that each person possesses an innate capacity to heal. By integrating your bodily wisdom with her deep understanding of trauma resolution, Shama unlocks avenues to a life filled with vibrancy, connection, and authenticity.

Embarking on Your Healing Journey

Choosing to seek support embodies a courageous step towards authoring a new chapter in your life—one where you rediscover joy, cultivate inner peace, and foster a richly meaningful existence. This healing voyage transcends mere survival; it’s a quest for thriving, for a future unchained from the shadows of past events.

​Imagine a tomorrow where trauma's influence is acknowledged but doesn't overshadow your essence, where your narrative is marked with fullness and genuine self-expression. Such a future isn’t merely aspirational; it’s attainable through compassionate and informed support.

A Warm Invitation

If you find yourself yearning for a light amidst the darkness of trauma, consider this your warm invitation to step into a space of healing and empowerment. Reach out to Shama to explore how Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Resolution can cast light on your pathway to recovery. Together, you’ll pave the way towards a future where trauma informs but does not define you, placing wellness and personal growth at the forefront of your journey.

You are not alone. Trauma is not merely about the events that occur but the isolation felt in enduring them. With Shama, you find not only an attuned and compassionate therapist but also a safe environment tailored for your healing. It’s time to gift yourself the support you deserve, unlocking doors to newfound freedom and joy. Welcome to your path of healing, guided by the gentle, empowering touch of Somatic Experiencing.

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