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About Integrated Counselling
Somatic Therapy 


I believe in the importance of empowerment and will support you in achieving lasting, healthy results.

Healing does not happen alone. It occurs in relationships, and transformation can only result when we bring the mind, body and spirit together in therapy.

Our unconscious behaviour patterns and belief systems limit us in life in ways we don't even know. These limitations are rooted in our earliest experiences and embedded in our traumas and our bodies.


 The word "Somatic" is from the Greek word "soma", which means " living body". 

I blend both talk ( cognitive ) and somatic (body-based ) therapies for better integration and faster healing. Through cognitive therapy, we will explore and bring light to the unconscious, limiting patterns. With body-based therapy, we will resolve trauma and achieve more harmony in body and mind. 

The modalities utilized will be determined after the nervous system assessment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Relationship Counselling 

  • Breath work 

  • Somatic Touch 

  • Bioenergetics 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT 

  • Trauma releasing exercises TRE

  • Character Structure Analysis  

  • Meditative therapies and  mindfulness

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Brain-spotting

  • Hypo Trauma response  

 All sessions will be determined after nervous system assesment. 

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My Approach
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